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Museomics Epigenetics Conservation

I use molecular data to investigate how wildlife has responded to historical environmental change. I am currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Australian National Wildlife Collection (CSIRO) where I am developing new techniques to extract molecular information from museum specimens.

Recent News

  • New pronghorn paper
    At long last, my final paper from my PhD is published. In this analysis of the captive population of endangered Sonoran pronghorn, Melanie Culver and I show that management efforts have maintained genetic diversity and distinction within the recovering population without increasing inbreeding. To read our new study, check our open access paper in Conservation… Read More »New pronghorn paper
  • What’s it like to be a Conservation Geneticist?
    Guest appearance on Avid Research podcast.
  • Pint of Science
    There is no Planet B so we must fight for Planet A!
  • Mug of Science
    I caught up with Dr Ruvi Lecamwasam at the Australian National Botanic Gardens to talk about my path to becoming a conversation geneticist, how I played a part in rescuing the Sonoran pronghorn from extinction and what I’m up to at CSIRO’s Australian National Wildlife Collection.
  • New pre-print!
    I’ve just released my team’s newest work, “Unlocking inaccessible historical genomes preserved in formalin.” Check out our findings on BioRxiv.

My very first lab supply purchase with my own grant money. I splurged for the longer $5 model. Time to go fishing in the spirit vault!

Have you listened to my interview with @erin_e_hahn yet?
We talk about her job with @CSIRO developing tools that will allow other scientists to extract information from formalin fixed samples!
Tune in here https://avidresearch.com.au/?episodeId=049


This just in! The TGA has approved the Pfizer vaccine for 12-15 year olds. Maybe we’ll have enough doses by the time my now 10 year old turns 12.

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