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About Me

Museomics Epigenetics Conservation


I use molecular data to investigate how wildlife responds to current and historical environmental change. I am a Research Scientist at the Australian National Wildlife Collection (CSIRO) where I am developing new techniques to extract molecular information from unexpected places. I am leading projects designing platforms to capture airborne environmental DNA and I advise on a number of projects using approaches I have developed to extract historical gene expression information from century-old museum specimens preserved in formalin.


Recent News

Interested in palaeo & #ancientDNA. I’m advertising a 3 yr @MarsdenFund postdoc @Zoology_Otago disentangling competing sources of morphological variation in #fossil record of geckos & skinks from #NewZealand & #NewCaledonia. Apply here ( #FossilFriday 1/2

@treeshrew13 @erin_e_hahn @mralexandervir We have had success with the HA and other methods up to 117 years old. For context, check out our pre-print for the next paper that is currently in review:

Join us tomorrow (12-1pm NZST) for a seminar by Dr Erin Hahn (@erin_e_hahn) of @CSIRO.


What stories would #museum specimens tell about their lives if they could? Join us next week (16 August) for a #seminar where Dr Erin Hahn (@erin_e_hahn) of @CSIRO will answer this question by explaining a new #eDNA analysis technique!

I recently had the great pleasure to give a seminar covering my work with @HolleleyClare to the @AustmusResearch

Listen in if you’re keen to hear about how we’re making millions of #museum specimens accessible to #genomic and #epigenomic interrogation!

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