About Me

Museomics Epigenetics Conservation

I use molecular data to investigate how wildlife has responded to historical environmental change. I am currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Australian National Wildlife Collection (CSIRO) where I am developing new techniques to extract molecular information from museum specimens.

Recent News

Extracting DNA from preserved specimens helps us find out how they responded to environmental change in the past. 🌏

Recent breakthroughs are making the historic DNA easier to extract in a win-win for species and scientists everywhere! 🦅 @erin_e_hahn

PhD opportunity available with the Frog Research Team (Gold Coast, Australia)! See https://www.frogresearch.com/doctor-of-philosophy for more details. To apply, submit your CV and cover letter to l.grogan@griffith.edu.au, with subject line: “PhD Application”.

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